All in Good Time

Fuck moderation: enjoy life rapaciously.

If you are making a bucket list, you aren’t really living.

Bucket lists are for those afraid of today.

The only thing left, for me to experience –is death.  Life’s last big adventure.

Bring it baby.

I only hope I have time to give her a wink and a crack on the ass before she puts me to bed. She’ll show up eventually, she’ll take me on a new ride; one with no ticket or list required,  guaranteed.


My Demented Mother

My mother took a hike, and ventured to another land, one exempt from time, where space continues to expand.

She now resides in limitless wonder, utopic at the least; an easier go I’m sure, without the earthly body she used to drag around.

“Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”

But I’m sure you’ve already heard, as you where there when I awoke this morning and uttered those same words: Happy Mother’s Day.



Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon embodies the epitome of liberalism gone awry.

Need a police escort to march down I-5, closing all interstate traffic to automobiles, for the sole purpose of wanting to be heard, come to Portland.

Want free healthcare, food and counseling, allowing you to spend your panhandled riches on dope, come to Portland.

Hell, stick around long enough and Mayor Wheeler is likely to give you a free mini-house!

Come to Portland, where it pays to burden society.


Festival with Friends

I have a compost pile to bury my friends.

Once they rot and wretchedly stink,

I’ll know my summer harvest of cherry tomatoes will be a blue ribbon winner at this year’s festival.

I love a good; feast-of-evil with friends.


“The Billionaire’s Brain” / Book One of The Grave Master Series is Now Available!

“When You’re in Our Cloud, We’ll Know What’s on Your Mind!”


Brash, young billionaire, Taylor McQue, built the world’s premier cloud storage company, the McQue Dynamic Data Corporation, from the ground up.  He grew a company that was internationally recognized, affording him the life of a one percenter. The Company’s “Intelligent Cloud” had the capacity to store a person’s lifetime of human memories, in the form of pictures, letters, movies and notes.

McQue wanted to go further.

Through lost love, betrayal and pure genius, McQue developed the ability to live forever by storing his own biological brain’s thoughts, attitudes and experience, in essence “himself,” in a computer database. After downloading “himself” into a database server, he has the ability to then upload, “himself,” after his human body dies by loading his digitally stored mind, into a fresh, newly grown, blank brain and healthy body, thus ensuring his survival.

What if a billion dollars could buy you a guaranteed tomorrow -Forever.

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Flux at Capacity

As a writer, I’m in a constant state of flux.

Caught between; what I need to write, and “selling books.”

In the end, on my deathbed, I’ll be okay dying sans wealth,

It’s my words, that survive -eternal.

Not this body.

I’ll die with a smile,

 peaceful and content.

Knowing I’ve used the word, “flux” in a piece.


To the, “Marijuana Anonymous” Members from Salem, Oregon, That Were Profiled on the Five O’clock News

Sack up, you fucking pussies.  Why is your group comprised solely of twenty-eight-year-old white boys?

Yes, I’m laughing at you, even the bitches and their ugly ass friends are laughin’ at cha.  And for giving me such a chuckle, I’ll impart some wisdom on ya that I heard from an older soul, he was a fifteen-year-old chronic, crack smokin’ hooker with AIDS, from Las Vegas.

The nigga’ said, “when was the last time you had to suck a dick for weed: bitch.”  I loved the kid.

You’re doing a grave disservice to junkies everywhere.  You’re merely weak minded individuals that need direction.  Get right with yourselves; you’ll be okay.

Insert emoji here of the last dude that died from a THC overdose.  He might look something like… well, we don’t know now, do we.

Whitey C. Blackwell