Go Boy, Do It!

The single most definitive action I can take, and greatest commitment I can make, as a man existing on earth; is to kill this body in which I reside.  I’m not talking about pussy shit like, “I wanted to die so I took seven Percocet.”  I’m talkin’ about fundamental fearlessness that knows zero boundary, understanding there’s no safe passage back into mommy’s arms once the exit bag is zipped and the hammer drops.  No fear, expectation of adventure and growth: Absolutely.


Get Wet

Don’t languish in self-doubt, the sea of self-truth is vast, cavernous, deep.

There is a crevasse on the sea floor fit for us all.  With effort, a comfortable crack awaits your arrival.

Get your kicks in before ole President Red, Blonde and Blue gets a hard on to pop off a firecracker that ends it all for us all.

Let go and get wet.


ex-slave at 2am on a Wednesday

Saddle sores, liquor and whores

I wish I were a cowboy

the next best thing

is being me

no corpo gig, false face to present

Only words to write, guitar music to play

truth to live, no lies in my day

it’s good to be me, again I must say




To The Victor Go The Spoils!

Victor is a member of the disposed, once opulently well fed, royal family of Tuxsteininberg.

After his ousted, gilded family left his motherland,

leaving behind their silver serving dishes and baroque flatware,

penniless: he moved to America.

Today Victor dumpster dives for dinner.

He can’t get a green card.

Sustained by gluttonous consumer waste,

he’s never been better fed.

To Victor go the spoils.