D.L Edison’s Biography


My First Memory

It was a Tuesday -the first of June.
I was in Chicago.
I was looking around for the cocktail waitress that was wearing all white: dress,
shoes, stockings.
I saw her a second ago, she dropped off what looked like a tall White Russian to the
dark-haired hottie dressed in pink, across the room from me.
I started crying out for the bar wench; I wanted a double Canadian whiskey.
After a minute I was really yelling for my drink, trying to get a little
attention, when I noticed I was laying down -completely horizontal.
I was wearing blue; a tight, light blue suit.
The music was playing so softly, I could hardly hear Aretha sing, “I Say a Little Prayer.”
I didn’t know which club I was in because I didn’t recognize the wristband I was
wearing; I took a close look and saw that it read, Little St Mary’s Hospital/Maternity Ward.
I never did get my cocktail. I was fifty-three minutes old -reincarnated again.
When she came back into the room, the chick in white gave me some milk and as she
walked out of the nursery I cried, “sweet ass!”


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