D.L Edison’s Biography




Plain ol’ bio- Chicago born Seattle set, United States Army infantry vet. WSU Coug Communication grad, I’ve got two dogs, they call me dad. I write and I read, I read and I write, my perfectly written novel is in my sight.

I play guitar and think I’m not bad, but then I listen to Hendrix and simply get sad. My lovely wife is nearly twenty years my junior, I only wish I met her sooner. Whiskey yes, delicious indeed, I enjoy cannabis too, in Washington it’s a legal weed.

There’s nothing more I’ll report about me, other than before I die, how sweet it would be if we were all free. Unencumbered by sex or by skin, Gods in heaven or the side of tracks we live in. My objective in writing is to expedite unity and foster love. If in a book of forty thousand words someone finds resonance in three, I do hope what hits home is simple and lasting, something beautiful, like -let it be.


You can contact D.L Edison through September Chavez-Garcia at: Admin@DLEdison.com

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