“The Miami Trip | The Dave Palicheck Series” by D.L Edison


The Miami Trip | A Dave Palicheck Series © D.L Edison

Princess Barfly, Birmingham, El Paso and Ole’ Yellow Shoes are some of the people and places Dave Palicheck  comes across on his cross country bus trip from Miami to Seattle. After a three month party that started in St. Thomas, Dave found himself broke and on a bus for the next three thousand miles and was in for a  hilarious adventure.

Dave is traveling with his girlfriend, Kelley Di Martini, they met earlier in the year at a local Seattle rock show.  They have five and a half days to kill from Miami to get back home to Seattle and Dave does so by watching the scenery go by, observing and eavesdropping in on his fellow travelers and writing it all down.  As Seattle closes in for Dave and he is nearly home, he takes a look back at his trip and finds a little insight about himself.


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