“The Billionaire’s Brain” / Book One of The Grave Master Series is Available

When You’re in Our Cloud, We’ll Know  What’s on Your Mind!

Brilliant and dashing young billionaire, Taylor McQue, built the world’s premier cloud storage company, the McQue Dynamic Data Corporation.  His company was internationally recognized and wildly successful, affording him the position as the world’s wealthiest man.  The Company’s “Intelligent Cloud” had the capacity to store a person’s lifetime of human memories in the form of digitized; pictures, letters, movies and notes.

McQue wanted to go further than saving memories, he wanted to save himself.

Inspired by lost love, betrayal and pure genius, McQue developed the ability to live forever by storing his own biological brain’s thoughts, attitudes and experiences, in essence “himself,” in a computer database.  After downloading “himself” into a database server, he then has the ability to upload, “himself,” after his human body dies.  He does so by having his digital brain loaded into a fresh, young blank brain and healthy body, which he grows in his lab, thus ensuring his immortality.

What if a billion dollars could buy you a guaranteed tomorrow -Forever?


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