The Castration of a Malicious Dwarf -Part One-

Darwin Willis was a dwarf.  What he lacked in size and build, he made up for with a warm, welcoming personality.  He was a sweet, poetic man.  Darwin loved women and they found him enigmatic and alluring.  His charm didn’t translate to men.  They were standoffish and often downright rude to him.

When Darwin was twenty-three-years old he fell in love with the most attractive young lady in town, Kitty Casper.  She was the prom queen and homecoming queen and student body president, her senior year of high school.  She was also rather tall.  From stem to stern Kitty measured in at six-feet exactly.  Kitty was in love with Darwin and his thirty-four-inch frame was an endearing trait she revered.  The more their love bloomed, the more the men in town rumbled over the pair’s union.

“How does that little shrimp get the best lookin’ girl in town, she needs a real man,” and “look at that fat, puny midget thinkin’ he’s hot stuff cuz he’s holding Kitty’s hand,” were slurs easily overheard in the town’s diner as male patrons watched the two stroll about town.  Darwin knew things were getting hot when the men lambasted his weight problem on top of his height deficiency.  The little guy weighed over thirty-two stone

Six months into their affair, Kitty and Darwin found they were pregnant.  More in love than ever, the two were elated with the news.  When Kitty started to show, the town folk men were besides themselves.  Their irritation and repugnance for the dwarf was at a fever pitch and it was the hottest topic at the diner.  “There’s no way Kitty’s with him willingly, I think there’s something malicious going on.  I bet he’s got her brainwashed,” one man spouted between sips of his brew.  All the men within earshot of his rant replied, “he’s malicious, let’s do something about him.”  Enthusiasm for hate was never so pervasive.  A middle-aged man in the café cried with glee, “let’s teach him a lesson and castrate the dwarf!”  The rest of the men in the coffee shop cheered with determined malevolence, “castrate the dwarf, castrate the dwarf.”


Part two coming soon…