“The Dive Bar Prophet” by D.L Edison is Now Available in eBook and Paperback.

This is a story about drinking Canadian Whiskey, fishing for big Chinook Salmon and a father’s love for his son.

Ted Sakozik was a man born compelled to poke sleeping bears and smash square pegs through round holes. These traits, along with his indomitable spirit, made him an excellent litigator until after personal tragedy, his legal career ended abruptly.

Anymore, Ted’s interests were philosophizing and pontificating while drinking Canadian Whiskey at Uncle Andy’s Tavern on lower Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. He prefered to keep people at a distance and perfected the art of the two-floor conversation. He limited his interaction with others to what could be discussed in a two-floor elevator ride, easy peasy. Ted liked his simple, uncomplicated, insulated life.

His idyllic world was interrupted when he’s diagnosed with a terminal sickness. He shares the news with the person closest to him, his bartender Rob. Barkeeper Rob inspires Ted to think of what he wants to do with the limited time he has left.  He explains to Ted he’s been reading a book called, “The Emancipation of You.”

He goes on telling Ted the book’s author describes reincarnation as an absolute.  “Human beings carry an electrical charge, actual measurable voltage.  If our universe is an expanding vacuum, all energy within is finite, nothing comes in and goes out. The simple fact that people are continually being born, human energy must be recycled because the electricity required to build a human, is limited.”

Ted decides his last dream on Earth is to catch a big Chinook Salmon, a mighty Tyee. Against his doctor’s orders he makes his way to Campbell River, British Columbia and one last time, he drops a line in the Tyee pool.

Motivated by his own impending demise and honoring his dead son who never was able to make the trip to pursue a Tyee with him, Ted becomes obsessed with the big fish; and that’s when the magic happens.

“Somethings are worth dying for.” – Ted Sakozik

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Ted Sakozik, The Dive Bar Prophet.

On Currency

“If you could choose to do anything, to live any lifestyle other than how you’re currently living, if you want to alter the smallest part of your life in any fashion and you’re not in process of doing so: currently you’re living a lie.”

Quote from Ted Sakozik, “The Dive Bar Prophet,” by D.L Edison

Coming November 8th, 2018




Lizzie Borden had the right idea.

I wonder who she did first, the father or the step-mother.

“We’re always here for ya Lizzie!”  Likely rang in her ears as she muscled the first skull popping blow with a smile.

And what about the brothers?


A Left of Center Bath

I’m feeling quite transgender as I decide which door through I will go
I prefer the ladies room
It’s clean; it smells so fresh
It’s worth the wait –the line is rather slow

As I walked in I got a strange stare
From a woman at the sink
I knew what she was thinking, and I didn’t even care

See I was born a male; junk and all
My gender identity is that of female, I should have been born that way
The penis that I came with, is so very small

It just so happens I like to wear; baggy jeans, a Yankees ball cap, fresh white kicks and an even whiter tee.  Some say I dress like a man; I say I dress like me

I have often been asked: why not just consider yourself a dude
Nobody would know the difference
And you wouldn’t get hassled or hear from people who are rude
I know the difference, I know who I am
I’m a transgender woman; one who dresses like a man

The only thing, I think we can do
So that we can all fly our freak flags
Is to make public bathrooms unisex and available to all
And if you didn’t want to share your bathroom with a freak like me
You’d have to wait and hold it till you get home
So you can take a private pee



Magic is the manifestation of dreaming and believing in yourself.

Magic is alive and living well,

work is required.

Start small, dream big –make magic.





Get Wet

Don’t languish in self-doubt, the sea of self-truth is vast, cavernous, deep.

There is a crevasse on the sea floor fit for us all.  With effort, a comfortable crack awaits your arrival.

Get your kicks in before ole President Red, Blonde and Blue gets a hard on to pop off a firecracker that ends it all for us all.

Let go and get wet.